DQIndia: How VR and AR are changing the Indian higher education landscape

VR and AR technologies are gradually transforming the education world’s learning experience. Though, for such new and modernized technologies, India is not far behind in obtaining its advantages. Today, VR and AR technologies are remodelling the whole education system in schools and universities. Students are joyfully engaging in 3D technologies to get a more engaging learning experience with their applications.

Immersive technologies transforming the Indian higher educational landscape

In the present times, educational institutions are replacing traditional classrooms with modern classrooms. Even though online learning offers convenience and flexibility in the learning process, it also comes with its fair share of challenges. One of the major troubles with remote learning is the amount of distraction faced by the students due to the other content available in abundance on the devices they are using to study. The shift in studying from books to digital devices has also led to a reduction in the attention span and engagement levels of the learners. Furthermore, physical classes offered entertainment along with in-person interaction with the peers and close nurturing by teachers. The replication of practical-based learning required for technical courses such as engineering, medical, architecture, etc. is also a major roadblock that online classes face.

In such a scenario, technological disruption acts as a blessing in disguise. New-age technologies such as immersive ones like VR and AR are helping in transforming the Indian higher educational landscape. They cater to all the challenges faced by the new-age remote learning process and help revamp teaching-learning experiences. They made studies interactive, engaging, and immersive.

With this case, the role of VR/AR in the pedagogy system will redefine India’s teaching-learning space. Consequently, this will want ed-tech organizations to make an extensive range of applications in the AR/VR field that can further expand the education sector.

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