Innovative Pedagogy for Modern Educators & Learners

Emphasizes active and collaborative learning in a classroom and outside the classroom. Create Interactive self-learning content for your Learners in a few clicks.

New Way To Create Study Materials

Perceiv3D Lesson

A multi-format content delivery mechanism that allows 3D interactive Content + PDF + Videos + 2D Simulation in a learner arrangement as per the concept flows like slides. Upload and compile all your content format into one module.

3D Labelled Flow

A unique way to create 3D interactive Self-exploratory interactive content with labels or concept flow in steps where the students can click on the icons to read/learn in detail and also use in self-readout mode. Click and add your own labels.

Create Your Own 3D Videos In Minutes

Record Your 3D Demonstrative Class

With the ability to create their own 3D videos, educators can customize their content to fit their specific needs and make their lessons more engaging and interactive for their students. Record your teaching session and create your 3D video on mobile and laptop.

New Way To Engage A Class

(3D + PDF) Split-Screen

A unique and engaging way to help teachers demonstrate and refer to books or other educational materials while also showing 3D interactive content. Upload your own notes with 3D models.

(3D + Video) Split-Screen

Engage a class and self-learn by combining interactive 3D content with video footage in a split-screen format. Embed your Video URL with our 3D Content.

3D Interactive Content Library

Ready to use plug-and-play 3D interactive models from our vast resource of 1000+ 3D models for all STEM content.

Use in LIVE Class

LIVE Demonstrate in a Classroom or seminar or webinar in Real Time.

Create 3D Videos

Create 3D videos while explaining concepts and interacting with the 3D.

Create Interactive Material

Deliver 3D AR VR and study materials more simply in just a few clicks.

Upload & Manage Costume Content

Create and manage your own 3D AR VR content and manage your Library

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