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What is
XR Interactive Tool designed for companies to make training and onboarding effective, engaging and Cost friendly. This Hybrid Teaching and Learning Platform can be integrated in both offline and online mode of learning and onboarding.
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Less time to relay same learning information
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Improvement in average retention
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Increase in learner engagement

Why Perceiv Training
for your Company?

Improves Retention & Recall

Improves knowledge retention and visual memory

Accelerated Learning

Enhanced experiences accelerates understanding

Repeatable and Controlled Exposure

Interactive learning reduces cognitive load and prolonged learning Hours

Training at Scale and Tracking

Increased Motivation & Curiosity to know and explore more

Our Technology

Virtual Reality

Augmented Reality

Embedded XR

Who is Perceiv Training meant for?

Choose Perceiv Training if you are a trainer, professor or HR onboarding employees


Human Resource

Content Manager

One Platform to build XR experiences & learning modules in few clicks

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