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What is
XR Engagement Tool designed for Brands to make product experience and showcase. This platform is an easy to use, plug and play integration for both online and offline marketing and experiences. Engage, track, analyze consumer responses.
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Reduction in Product Returns
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Why Perceiv Brands
for your brands?

Better Engagement

Improves Product experience and product feature

Better Conversions

Improve online and offline sales conversions and drive ROI

Reduction in Returns

Better Product feature understanding reduces product returns

Track & Analyse

Track your audience response to product and offerings

Our Technology

Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality

3d Interactive

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Who is Perceiv Brands meant for?

Choose Perceiv Brands if you are a Product Marketer, Brand Manager, Marketing Managers.


Brand Manager


See yourself in any of these categories?
Leverage our deep expertise to solve your user experience challenges.


Engage and enhance your Ecom Product experience and reduce product returns.

Consumer Brands

Engage and enhance your online product experience and improve engagement and Sales.

Real Estate

Share Virtual Tours and experiences of your Real Estate in VR & WebVR


Feature customization and Virtual experience based explainer and product tours

One Platform to build XR experiences & learning modules in few clicks

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